Acnelan -The Acne solution:$848
Ideal treatment for all grades of Acne skin types.

Whether it’s your face, back, chest, arms or your bottom, M-acne Complex offers a cross cutting approach to address the different factors that trigger Acne.

This package includes: 3 x Salon treatments, plus home care kit.

Acnelan - Before & After

Mesoe’clat – Skin Rejuvenation Peels: 1 hour – $220 p/t
Ideal for all skin types, for those who don’t like evasive skin treatments ie; collagen induction.

Includes: face, neck, hands and LED light therapy.

5 x Sessions every 2 weeks are recommended and home care is a must.

Ideal post High Performance treatments.

Mesoe’clat Peels: Purchase 5 x treatments – $900 (save $200)
Post Home-care – $283