Medi Glow Facial: 1 hour – $100 Pomegranate peel layered with a Pineapple/Turmeric skin treatment. A mild exfoliation using enzymes and antioxidants to help improve skin texture, soothe, and moisturise even the most sensitive skin. Suitable for all skin types

Dermal Edge treatment: 1 hour – $160 New York’s secrete best staple. This treatment exfoliates and removes that unwanted ‘Peach Fuzz’ facial hair. Ideal for fragile, couperosed, hyper-pigment, prep for peels, needling, all occasion makeup, removal of mila/blackheads.

Microdermabrasion: 45 minutes – $98 Australia’s most popular must have exfoliation treatment. Exfoliating the top layers of the face/body using a diamond crystal tip to suck away dead skin cells. Promotes blood circulation to create healing in our skin cells. Ideal add on or prep treatment.

Clinical skin peel treatments are only administrated by Doctors, Nurses and Dermal therapists that have been specially educated and certified, so be rest assured that you are in excellent hands. Our treatment menu offers you a smorgasbord of superb clinic strength peels/treatments. This means for us to achieve the best results pre/post care is strongly advised.

Jungle Brew detox peel: 30 minutes – $119 Ideal treatment for clogged pores and breakouts.

Pigment Punch – Clarity peel: 30 minutes – $119 Ideal treatment for pigmentation, brown spots, hormonal marks.

LED Therapy

LED Red and/or Blue light therapy What is LED Therapy?

  • Light represented by different colours is absorbed into the skin creating reactions to the different layers we have. This triggers collagen, elastin, growth factors and oil regulation.
  • Cells and tissue absorb at different effects on the cells and tissues and stimulate metabolic function via the light.

Red light: stimulates collagen and elastin. Ideal postcare treatments – wound healing or stand alone facial treatment. Highly recommend an add on hyaluronic mask for an extra $20.00

Blue light: ideal for acne face/body, post care for jungle brew detox peels or medi detox. Strikes acne bacteria cells that sets of a reaction that causes the bacteria to self destruct.

LED light therapy: 1 hour – $89 Ideal treatment for those on the run or add on to any treatment for extra $40.

Complete Anti-ageing Treatments: 1 hour – $220 p/t Ideal for all ages who are concerned in prevention, improving, minimizing, the look of our skin as we age. These treatments are customized for all concerns with 4 different treatments from Brightening, Firming, Regenerative and Global Anti-ageing solution.

5 x Treatments are recommended and home care is a must, these treatments can also be alternated with High Performance or post High performance treatments. Inc. face, neck, hands, LED light therapy.

Complete Anti-Ageing Treatments: Purchase 5 x treatments – $900 (save $200)

Mesoestetic Mask