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What is Collagen?

Collagen is a major component of the human body. It makes up 75% of our skin, 95% of the organic compounds of our bones, and over 90% of our gut lining, digestive tract, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue and fascia.

Collagen mainly influences the water binding capacity, elasticity, and outside appearance (wrinkles) of skin.

Why do we need more of it?

From our late 20’s, our bodies start losing their natural collagen levels by 1% p.a and this rate significantly increases after menopause to 2% p.a.

Think of your skin like a sponge, as if it’s holding water and is full and elastic. As we age, less collagen means that this sponge holds less water which makes it less full and less elastic. Most people are getting next to no collagen in their diet because the biggest sources of collagen are things we no longer eat a lot of or at all (e.g. bone broth and fish skin). Supplementing with Beauty Food collagen is easy because it comes as an odourless, tasteless powder.


How does consuming collagen help?

Consuming collagen provides the building blocks our bodies need. The BioActive Marine Collagen used in Beauty Food has been scientifically proven to replenish our bodies’ own collagen which means firmer, more elastic and younger looking skin.

What’s the best way to boost collagen?

The best way to improve our natural beauty is to boost our collagen from the inside out. Hydrolysed collagen peptides are the most bio available form of collagen which means our bodies can easily digest them and put them to work. Topping up your skin regime with topical serums and creams to boost collagen synthesis supports the perfect inside out collagen program and helps you get the hydrated, plump, and radiant skin we all want.

How much Collagen should I take?

Most research is based on 5g of collagen per day to support skin, hair, nails and anti-ageing benefits. Don’t be mistaken by products claiming in milligrams trying to make a dose look higher than it is, eg 3000mg = 3g

What types of collagen are there?

Drinking bone broth is one way to increase your collagen intake, but more recently we’ve seen a lot of collagen powders and collagen snack bars/bites which make consuming collagen a lot more convenient. There are twenty-eight known types of collagen but as far as supplementation goes let’s look at the four important ones.


Best known for: Anti-aging properties including minimising wrinkles and improving the skin’s health and hydration. One study showed it also reduced the prevalence of cellulite, especially in women of otherwise normal weight ranges.

Best sources for Type I Collagen:

  • Marine collagen (careful here, almost all marine collagen is sourced from factory farmed fish and sometimes crustaceans which can be inflammatory for some people)
  • Bovine collagen (a safer product to use in food manufacturing, look for grass-fed)
  • Protein-rich foods, like fish and beef
  • Bone broth (considered to not be as easily absorbed as other collagen sources)

Best known for: Treating joint pain and promoting joint health.

Best sources for Type II Collagen:

  • Bone broth
  • Chicken collagen
  • Protein-rich foods, like chicken

Best known for: May assist with intestinal health and there is evidence it can enhance exercise performance and muscle building.

Best sources for Type III Collagen:

  • Bovine collagen
  • Protein-rich foods, like beef and fish
  • Bone broth

Best known for: Improving wound healing and assisting the formation of embryos.

Best sources for Type IV Collagen:

  • Egg whites
  • Other protein-rich foods
  • Type IV collagen is exceedingly difficult to find in supplement form


150g Flavourless, 30 serves
5g Serving Size, approx. 4.6g Bioactive Marine
Collagen Powder

  • Cruelty Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Conscious Beauty
  • Australian Made
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What makes Beauty Foods Bioactive Marine Collagen Powder an industry best?

Not all collagen powders are the same. The Bioactive Collagen Powder has maximum bioavailability, 98% digestibility and is jam packed with 6 key elements for healthy skin and gut management. With a key focus on collagen production, the Collagen Powder uses clinically proven Bio Active Marine Collagen Peptide Verisol® for exceptional results.

Why is Verisol a good collagen option?

Verisol® brings a 98% digestibility rate meaning your body will absorb and utilise MORE collagen than ever, especially when starting off with a Collagen Loading Program.

Verisol® is obtained via a specific hydrolysation process which produces the peptide sequences required to target specific tissues and functions, as proven by clinical studies. This collagen has been formulated for firmer, more elastic, and younger looking skin (less wrinkles and fine lines). While our hair and nails are made from keratin, not collagen, our hair follicles and nail beds grow from our skin which is why collagen also improves the strength and thickness of hair and nails.

The only oral intake collagen peptide specifically optimised for skin improvement.

  • Scientifically proven.
  • Significant reduction in wrinkle depth after 4 weeks of use.
  • Delay the signs of skin ageing from the inside out.
  • Non-allergenic, no shellfish.
  • Safe, clean, no nasty ingredients.
  • Sustainably sourced.
Verisol Study

Whilst the powder is skin focused, Beauty Food’s Collagen Powder also helps to stimulate growth of connective tissue, collagen and proteoglycans synthesis (a protein essential for collagen and connective tissue formation) and supports gut health recruiting an anti-inflammatory approach.


Where are Beauty Food products made?

Beauty Food is proudly Australian made and owned.

Why does sugar inhibit collagen absorption?

Sugar in the bloodstream attaches to collagen and elastin molecules via the glycation process, forming harmful new molecules called ‘advanced glycation end products’ (AGE’s). The more sugar you eat, the more AGE’s you develop and the more collagen and elastin fibres get damaged. The glycation process also transforms the most stable and long-lasting collagen fibres to more fragile fibres. This is one of the main reasons sugar makes us age on both the inside and outside. Too many AGE’s cause the skin to wrinkle, negatively impacts the biomechanical properties of tendons and leads to gut issues (due to damage caused to the intestinal lining resulting in inflammation.)

If that wasn’t bad enough, sugar competes with vitamin C for space in cells due the similarities in their chemical structure. Diets high in sugar leads to low levels of vitamin C, thus inhibiting formation of new collagen fibres. For this reason, watch out for supplements that are high in sugar and don’t contain vitamin C because the likelihood is, they probably won’t work.

Do Beauty Food products contain artificial sweeteners or sweetener alcohols like erythritol?

No. Artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols are not healthy products and can be worse than raw sugar. They also tend to cause hormonal imbalances and there are serious concerns about their long-term effects which have yet to be studied. When we use sweeteners, we use natural sweeteners like monk fruit.

Monk fruit in our Collagen Cookies and Nut Butter give them their naughty taste without effecting your glucose levels. In turn will not reverse the work of what you are trying to do with your collagen. Most sugars increase your blood glucose levels and may contribute to Glycation, a skin condition which cannot be reversed so reducing these sugars in your diet are key for your collagen stores.

Are Beauty Food products safe to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding?

You should always check with your doctor and consider what else you’re consuming as part of your diet but there is nothing in Beauty Food collagen cookies and nut butters that you would need to worry about – they contain real food that is safe and healthy for pregnancy and breast feeding. Our Bioactive Marine Collagen Powder contains other ingredients besides collagen that you should check with your doctor about, Zinc, Silica, Resveratrol and Hyaluronic Acid. See product Nutritional label for more information.

Are Beauty Food products Vegan?

No, collagen only comes from animal sources, so our products are not vegan. There are vegan “collagen” products out there however do not contain any collagen which can be misleading.

Think of collagen as an odourless, tasteless white powdered form of bone broth. We have many customers following a plant-based diet who consume our products for this reason and as a way to get important nutrients they’re not getting from animal sources.

Are Beauty Food products Gluten Free?

Yes! All our products are gluten free.

Are Beauty Food products dairy free?

Yes! All our products are dairy free.

Are Beauty Food products Halal?

The collagen we use is Halal but our manufacturer is not Halal certified. However, our manufacturing facility is otherwise entirely plant based so there is no opportunity for contamination which means if you’re looking for Halal products you can consume our products with confidence.

Do Beauty Food products contain vegetable oils?

No, all our products are free from vegetable oils which are inflammatory and damaging to your health.

Do Beauty Food products contain artificial thickeners, fillers or emulsifiers?

No. The whole reason we got started was because so many products are full of fake ingredients that are terrible for your health and your skin!