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The finest garment that you will ever wear is something that you already have. Can you guess what it is? Your Skin! It is the most amazing organ you own, just think about it. We really do torture our skin. It is not only exposed to the elements but we scratch, pinch and pick at it, something that our other organs are not so regularly subjected to!

Skin is a mirror of eternal effects. Many Skin problems and diseases will be the evidence of internal conditions such as melanoma, dermatitis and rosacea to name a few examples. Joanne's Skincare & Beauty Needs goal is to therefore help educate our young ones now, and to remind everyone that it’s never too late to look after our Skin!

Joanne's Skincare & Beauty Needs also has an online Shop, making it easy for you to maintain your product levels, to ensure you don't run out !!

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