Our Bridal Package

The Bridal Package

Walk down that preparation time with 6 months to go. This gives you perfect timing to prepare your skin. This preparation time allows time for nails to grow, all your waxed/IPL areas to be smooth with no ingrown hairs or imperfections, correct eyebrow shape and a perfect beautiful tan.

Let me help perfect the princess that you are already.Our-Bridal-Package

Timeline to Perfection

6 months to go – book in for your skin analysis

A free travel size cleanser, as well as $70.00 is redeemable on a product or a booked facial/skin treatment. Allow up to 1 hour of your time for me to examine your skin closely to detect different skin conditions. Also we will discuss your needs and wants for your big day. Using the results from this consultation, I can then plan your wedding package.

3 months – 6 months to go

Shaping eyebrows must begin at least 3 months before the day.  For skin concerns, start skin preparation and treatments 4 – 6 months before. You could have a 1 hour relaxation facial or one of our treatment packages. Facial  treatments can be had  1 – 2 days before your big day.

4 – 6 weeks to go

Beautiful nails require a great deal of hard work, and now is the time to start taking care of them. If you have problem nails consider a full set of artificial nails. Otherwise start now with regular manicures. AND don’t forget the feet! Depending on the condition of your feet you can start as early as now and as late as 1 week before the big day.

Also available is Bio Sculpture Gel. It dries instantly and is non chip. Your nails will have a natural looking, flawless glossy finish. Manicures will last up to 3 weeks and pedicures up to 8 weeks – if not longer.

Now is the time to have those less pleasant beauty treatments namely hair removal. I suggest that for leg and bikini waxing, you leave the hair to grow for 3 weeks before the final waxing. You won’t have to worry on your honeymoon. OR for an even longer lasting rash free hhair reduction have IPL-Laser. It is strongly recommended to start sooner rather than later and in the winter months for your summer honeymoon.

I also suggest that you have a trial makeup for yourself, one of your bridesmaid and perhaps your mum as she will love to be included.

Our tanning package includes 2 tans. Perhaps trial it with your makeup and you are then ready to go out on your hen’s night!

1 week to go

Have eyebrow and facial waxing 1 week before to avoid any skin reactions. All waxing should be done at least 2 days before any tanning.

Eyelash/eyebrow tinting and perming

Eyes are a main feature of your face so let us enhance them!  If you are going to be in and out of water on your honeymoon, tinting and perming are the perfect alternative to mascara. Have your final facial to ensure your skin is in tip top condition and is blemish free as a canvas to apply your wedding day makeup.

Day before

Pamper yourself and relax with a wonderfully soothing massage. Lastly relax and try to get some sleep. Sleep is nature’s best beauty remedy.

The BIG DAY has arrived. Yay!

On the day have your hairdresser and makeup artist come to your house. This helps ease some of the stress of the day.

Now you are ready, you are the perfect princess so enjoy your day.

NB. Don’t forget the groom can also take advantage of the Bridal Package. He can then be the perfect prince!

Hairdresser Bridal Package – Melissa Johnson

Prices for the wedding party start from $60.00 – $110.00 per person. There is a surcharge for Sundays of 15% plus travel costs. A quote can be given on consultation


Wedding Celebrant :

For all bookings and information visit www.yvonnebyrnecmc.com.au

or email  y.byrne@bigpond.net.au


Specialists in Dermal Therapy Skin Treatments with 27 years Experience

The finest garment that you will ever wear is something that you already have. Can you guess what it is? Your Skin! It is the most amazing organ you own, just think about it. We really do torture our skin. It is not only exposed to the elements but we scratch, pinch & pick at it, somthing that our other organs are not so regularly subjected to!

Skin is a mirror of eternal effects. Many Skin problems and diseases will be the evidence of internal conditions such as melanoma, dermatitis and rosacea to name a few examples. Our goal is to therefore help educate our young ones now & to remind everyone that it’s never too late to look after our Skin!

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