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Meet Sarah our cosmetic Tattooist

Sarah has been tattooing for over 8 years. She loves her job as a cosmetic tattooist and this is demonstrated in the quality of work she does and the amount of returning customers who choose Sarah as their Tattooist.

Having completed her training with Karen Betts of Nouveau Contour- The UK's leading training academy in March 2006, Sarah then became a member of her elite training staff at Nouveau Beauty Groups Head Quarters UK. On completion of her training Sarah Returned to Australia and continued to developed her skills and now can be named as one of Australia’s leading Cosmetic Tattooist.

Her experience and honest approach accelerated her to the top of her field.

Sarah’s Difference:

“The method of Cosmetic tattooing I use allows me to create beautiful natural looking Eye Brows. Eyebrows play a very important role in framing our eyes and giving our face expression. They are a defining feature of the face. Thin poorly shaped eyebrows can age you. Weather you need a fuller brow or a redesign of the shape of brow you have, I can help you create that brow.

Eyeliners will enhance your eyes and can be as subtle or as bold as you like. Different colours can be used also to compliment your eye colour and skin tone.

Lip liners and lip colour can be used to redefine a pale lip line and give the lips definition or add hues of colour to brighten and refresh a pale lip.

I invite you to look at my gallery of images and judge for yourself:

Keep in mind that I can create hundreds of different looks and each Cosmetic Tattoo procedure is created for the individual, using my skills, knowledge and experience we can together create the best look for you.”


Specialists in Dermal Therapy Skin Treatments with 27 years Experience

The finest garment that you will ever wear is something that you already have. Can you guess what it is? Your Skin! It is the most amazing organ you own, just think about it. We really do torture our skin. It is not only exposed to the elements but we scratch, pinch & pick at it, somthing that our other organs are not so regularly subjected to!

Skin is a mirror of eternal effects. Many Skin problems and diseases will be the evidence of internal conditions such as melanoma, dermatitis and rosacea to name a few examples. Our goal is to therefore help educate our young ones now & to remind everyone that it’s never too late to look after our Skin!

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